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Dominique Short hair
Short, breaking relaxed hair during childhood. First chemical relaxer at age 7.

Juci Roots was created quite by accident! I was losing my hair, and fast. My natural hair has never seen length past my ears, and over 20 years of chemical and heat damage had taken its toll. I was shedding like crazy, hair was constantly on my clothes, and I had bald spots! For years I was confined to wigs and extensions, but I was ready to stop spending hundreds of dollars on hair that really wasn't mine. When my husband and I were dating, I never let him see my real hair. I was ashamed. In my early 20's and already in a wig! One day while I was fixing a wig he popped in the bathroom and saw the real me. I was so embarrassed! I tried to quickly cover myself, when he stopped me and told me that I was beautiful without the frills and thrills of false extensions. This was an unexpected reaction for sure! He then said, "Why don't you grow your own hair?" My Journey back to my own natural hair began.

I stopped putting chemicals in my hair, let the wigs go, and went to YouTube, looking at all the tutorials I could find. I did tons of research online about hair and what it needs to grow long, thick, and strong. After spending hours and hours online, I started experimenting with different products and beauticians. For 2 solid years, I bought every recommended product, and went to 4 different beauticians who specialized in growing hair. NOTHING WORKED. My hair was dryer than ever, and was still breaking off at the lightest touch! What was going on? I had all the right tools and the right people. All the chemicals stopped. What was I doing wrong? I was back to the drawing board, of course, hundreds of dollars later.

Dominique Short hair picture natural

2 year attempt at growing my natural hair. Breaking, Chemical & Heat damage.

I began reading the labels of the products that I had purchased and looking up each one. I realized the very things that were supposed to be helping me were hurting me more! All the products contained alcohol, sulfates, and ingredients even used in paint! No wonder my hair was dry, all these chemicals KEPT me dry and breaking! I went back to 3 of the beauticians to see what they used too. Same thing, chemicals. I realized that my hair needed something different and fast! I had already lost so much hair.

I discovered the world of organic and natural products. After researching a particular brand, I found one that I liked. After I put the entire collection in my cart and pushed "buy", I found that the products were sold out. I was devastated. My husband saw me looking distraught. After inquiring about what I was buying ("You were going to spend WHAT?!") He offered to do some research to see what he could come up with. After watching him build a 3D printer from scratch, program mother boards, build a chicken coup, and grow a full healthy garden, I had plenty of faith that he would come up with something amazing.

After 1 year of experimenting and feedback from me, (Things like, "It's too oily", or "Too heavy") he handed me a spray bottle. When I tried it, my hair acted completely different. It was softer, it started to curl, it shined, and felt so moist. I knew that this was it! My hair gave a sigh of relief! Juci Roots was born!

20151003_160109 2.jpg

One Month results using Juci Roots Multi Use Conditioner


10 Months results using Juci Roots Multi Use Conditioner

I began to use Juci Roots for everything, and my hair enjoyed it! I began to get so many compliments on how it looked and it's growth! I was so happy! My bald spots were filling in, my hair was getting stronger, and my clothes began to stay hair free! It was an amazing feeling to have gone from brittle and breaking to growing and glowing!

Dominique Longer hair picture
Juci Roots in my protective styles
Heat Protector

On a trip out of state with friends, I began my nightly routine of spraying Juci Roots on my scalp and massaging it in. My friend, who had a completely different hair type asked to use Juci Roots because her hair was dry and limp. I handed it over, and was skeptical that it would work for her, since her hair was different. How wrong I was. She loved it! Her hair reacted like mine, it was soft, shiny, moist and light! After returning home she asked me to make her a bottle. We did, and then got the idea to hand out bottles to our friends.

For another year we let our friends give us feedback. They all used Juci Roots in a different way, and since they had different hair types, we discovered that it works for everyone! We decided to turn our at home hair product into a business.

Our mission is to help those with stories like mine, offer organic and natural options, and to help those with healthy hair maintain their journey! We want to help those who feel like they will never have their hair back. We want to help those who feel like their hair isn't curling right. We are here for those who just want more options! Juci Roots is a sister to your hair regimen. No need to ditch the products that already agree with you. Just add some of this, and keep going longer and stronger! We strive to give our customers the best quality, and pray that everyone sees results.

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Juci Roots was made for me by my husband. It is still, to this day, made with love and health in mind. Thank you for giving us a try!

Juci Roots Co.