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Expect a Hair Transformation when using the Juci Roots Multi Use Conditioner Long Term! This Client has been using Juci Roots for 3 years. Hear about her favorite use, and what she experienced by staying consistent!

After receiving a botched dye job, this client had extensive shedding. The Juci Roots Multi Use Conditioner was able to help restore health to her hair follicles!

Using the Multi Use Conditioner as Heat Protection can add Volume to your Blow Out! See what this client was able to achieve with just a tiny bit of product!

Say goodbye to Frizz and Dandruff! This client used the Multi Use Conditioner to combat unruly hair and a flaky scalp.

This Client has tried it all! The Multi Use Conditioner, Light & Creamy Raw Butter, and the Thick & Healing Raw Butter. Hear what she had to say about each one!

Using Juci Roots long term does the trick! This client has been using Juci Roots fro 2 years. Experience growth, health, and stronger hair when you are consistent!

YoutTube influencer, Naturally Nisha, took the Multi Use Conditioner and Thick & Healing Raw Butter for a spin on her natural. Here is her Twist Out, the complete before, during and after!

The smile says it all! This client gave Juci Roots Multi Use Conditioner a shot. After experiencing flat, shedding hair, she used the Conditioner as a Hair Mask. See what happened after just one use!

Just right for Sister Locks! Product can't be too heavy or greasy, or the Sister Locks will unreavel. This client discovered that the Multi Use Conditioner is the perfect balance to maintain moisture without losing the style!

There is hope for those who suffer from Genetic Alopecia. This client deep conditioned daily for one month, using the Multi Use Conditioner and Thick & Healing Raw Butter. She was able to reverse her balding, giving her a fully covered scalp!

Juci Roots Review Deep Conditioning for hair growth and hair repair

Deep Conditioning with The Multi Use Conditioner was key in this client's hair repair! She used the product every other day to attain growth & strength.

This client has tried it all, and nothing has been working for her. Psoriasis can be moisturized, softened, and soothed using the Thick & Healing Raw Butter! Get soft without the greasy residue!