Light & Creamy

Raw Butter

So light, you forget about it...until you touch your skin!


Light & Creamy Raw Butter is airy and able to moisturize naturally oily skin. It is also potent enough to handle a dry face.


This perfectly balanced butter can take on any skin type without clogging the pores. Full of natural Vitamin E, it can help smooth out lines and even out skin tones.


The creamy texture glides over the surface with ease, making it a candidate for massages. Apply to sore, tight, aching muscles, and watch as the butter sinks down under the skin to help loosen the stress without applying heavy pressure to the hands, fingers, and wrists.

Light & Creamy is a potent lotion that will hold throughout the day without constantly reapplying. Able to take on dry skin, it can soften the cuticles when used as a hand cream.


Add a pea size amount to skin as needed. Rub in butter until it is a very thin, light film. Let it absorb completely in.

To cover a large area, apply multiple dots, then rub butter in until it is absorbed.

Best Uses

  • Face Primer

  • Massage Oil

  • Hand Cream

  • Body Butter

  • Lotion

  • Cuticle Oil

  • Wrinkles Treatment


(Best Results when paired with the Multi Use Conditioner)

Light & Creamy Raw Butter can be used by all hair types. Tame frizz with just a pea size of product.

Seal and flatten fluffy ends that are in need of a trim, moisturize straightened hair without worrying about being weighed down or reverting, and fight dandruff on the scalp!

Light & Creamy can keep the flakes and itch away when applied directly to the scalp. Light weight moisture that sticks around.

Best Uses

  • Moisture Seal-All Hair Types

  • Smooth Fluffy Ends

  • Dandruff Fighter

  • Soothe Dry, Itchy Scalp

  • Set Soft styles

  • Styling Butter

  • Water Free Moisturizing


Add a quarter size amount, spread in palms, and apply to hair and scalp.


For small sections, add a pea size amount to a section of hair. Spread from scalp to roots.

To soothe an irritated scalp, part hair, and apply directly to problem area.