Hair Mask for Healthy, Growing Hair

The Why

Using the Multi Use Conditioner as a Hair Mask can increase scalp health, help promote growth, and make hair thicker. The raw nutrients can also help bounce out limp curls, and repair chemical and heat damage. If your hair happens to be brittle, dry, frizzy, or fried from dyes or bleaching, soak it in Juci Roots for maximum hydration and a big dose of potent vitamins.

Hair Masking can save hair that is thinning, brittle, breaking, and shedding like crazy! After dousing hair with everyday chemical filled products, it will need real food to be nourished. Doing an occasional Hair Mask can revive even the most damaged hair. With consistency, you can restore your hair to its former glory.

The How

Here is what you need:

Juci Roots Multi Use Conditioner

Plastic cap or bag


Here is what to do:

Shake Bottle of Multi Use Conditioner

On wet or damp hair (do what your hair likes) spray the Multi Use Conditioner on the scalp and hair.

Massage into the scalp.

Cover with plastic cap.

Let it soak for 30 minutes, a couple of hours, or go to sleep for the night. The choice is yours! If you can, sit under a dryer to open up those pores!

Shampoo or rinse it out.

Continue with normal routine. You can still use the Multi Use Conditioner as a Leave in for the day!

The Result

One of the most popular ways to use the Multi Use Conditioner is as a Hair Mask. Salons and clients alike have reaped the benefits of letting the live vitamins seep into the scalp. Having a consistent Hair Masking regimen will promote the growth! You will notice that the shedding and thinning will cease, your hair will have more volume, be less frizzy, and easier to manage. Most importantly, it will be strong, hard to break, and shiny.

Gloria has been using the Hair Mask regularly to prevent thinning and to treat her dry scalp.

She also uses the Hair Mask on the go! Gloria simply applies the Multi Use Conditioner throughout her scalp, and places her hair in a bun for the day!

We encourage you to give the Hair Mask a try! The Multi Use Conditioner was created to change the current condition of your hair. Add health, shine, and promote growth in the way that is best for you! Use your conditioner as often as you can to attain results faster! Visit for more customer before and afters, interviews, and reviews, so you can see what Juci Roots is doing for others!