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How to Grow Natural Hair with No Experience

Before and After
From Chemical & Heat Damage, to Full, Thick, Healthy Hair that doesn't Shed!

More often than not, we have done some damage to our natural hair. Too much chemical processing, too much heat, not enough moisture, crappy products. Whatever the case may be, you have had enough. You are ready to see your hair grow, so you go natural.

Any idea where to start?

I had no clue what to do next! I watched every YouTube video, natural hair guru, every tutorial available, but was getting nowhere. It seemed to be so much information, and so much work! All the different methods, the mountains of product, the different hair types. I was so intimidated by the ritual of it all.

It was all too much for me. I wanted results, but I wanted them to be easy to attain! Product shopping let me know that what was on the market was full of chemicals. The organic brands may have had a few organic ingredients, but always had some crap mixed in. I knew chemicals were my main issue, so adding more to my hair did not sit well with me. My husband watched me struggle for 2 years. I had gotten nowhere fast. He took matters into his own hands, and handed me the very first bottle of the Juci Roots Multi Use Conditioner, made with Raw, Cold Pressed Ingredients.

Here are some quick and easy tips that I used to repair my natural hair without spending hundreds of dollars on beauticians, products, and treatments.

Step 1: Deep Conditioning is Key.

Using the Multi Use Conditioner as a Deep Conditioner and a Daily Leave In, I was able to attain Growth and Health!
One Month after Deep Conditioning, Crochet Braids, and Mositurizing Daily.

I tried a Deep Condition. I sprayed the Multi Use Conditioner in my hair, massaged it into my scalp, then went to sleep. The next morning, I continued with my normal wash routine. I noticed right away that my hair was very soft, easy to detangle, and stayed that way the whole day! I repeated this once a month, and noticed that over time, my hair stopped shedding so much. It was getting thicker, and stronger. Deep Conditioning overnight gave my hair a strong dose of the vitamins it needed to repair itself. I would Deep Condition, and still do, on every wash day. Sometimes I will let the Multi Use Conditioner soak overnight, or if I'm short on time, let it soak for an hour or so.

Tip: Deep Condition gave my hair the boost it needed to get healthy and stronger. However, it must be done the right way! Before the Multi Use Conditioner, I did a lot of DIY Deep Conditioning. I'm going to give you a tip that is going to save you time!

Protein Deep Conditioning VS Moisture Deep Conditioning

Protein will give you strength, Moisture will give you elasticity. Your hair will need both if it is damaged! Too much of one type of deep conditioning treatment will equal more damage. This is something I learned the hard way. I figured that since my hair was fried, all it needed was more strength. Doing multiple Protein treatments in a row made my hair more dry and straw like than ever! Big mistake. I spent months going backward. Be sure to alternate between Protein Deep Conditioning, and Moisture Deep Conditioning.

To know the difference, here is something that helped me:

Protein Deep Conditioning will be anything with food included: Egg Yolk, Rice Water, Avocado, Coconut Milk, etc.

Moisture Deep Conditioning will be anything that contains a light oil: Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, etc.

The Juci Roots Multi Use Conditioner is a balance of Natural Protein and Moisture, which is why I chose to use it in my Deep Conditioning routine instead of doing DIY. However, when I do occasionally branch out and try a DIY Deep Conditioner, I would always mix in my Multi Use Conditioner.

Step 2: Moisturize like your life depends on it!

Using the Multi Use Conditioner as a Deep Conditioner and a Daily Leave In consistently!
5 Months after Deep Conditioning, Crochet Braids, and Mositurizing Daily. Blow Dryed and Trimmed.

I used the Multi Use Conditioner as a daily leave in, and I finally knew what it was to be moisturized. Throughout the day, the hard, crispy texture I would feel in my hair was gone! My hair felt wet in a way, but it was completely dry. It was soft, my hair would stretch without breaking off, but it was not greasy! The nutrients from Juci Roots absorbed in completely, leaving me feeling light.

Tip: I'll throw in some oils and now I'm moisturized. Right? Wrong! This is another thing I learned the hard way. The only way to moisturize your hair and scalp is with WATER. If no water is present, then you are not moisturizing. Oils and Creams SEAL the water into your hair, making it evaporate slowly, keeping you hydrated longer.

Extra Tip: The L.O.C. (liquid, oil, cream) method saved my life! Your Liquid will ALWAYS be water! Pick your favorite Oil and Cream, and moisturize away! As a natural, our hair needs all 3 to survive and thrive. I use the Juci Roots Multi Use Conditioner as my Oil, and the Juci Roots Thick & Healing Raw Butter as my cream. I like to call them "The Kinky Kit". I also use these products on my son. He has been using them since he was two days old!

Step 3: Protect, Protect, Protect. Protective Styling is your Friend.

Using the Juci Roots Multi Use Conditioner, I was able to stay moisturized, reduce itching and dandruff, and attain growth!
Crochet Braids was my favorite Protective Style! Lightweight with access to the Scalp to Moisturize Twice a Day!

My go to protective style was crochet braids. I braided what was left of my natural hair down in semi-tight braids. Then I would install the hair, which would make my braids feel just the right amount of tight. I redid my crochet braids once a month. Once I Deep Conditioned, Moisturized, Crochet Braided, and left my hair alone, I began to see major results. On every take down, my hair was gaining length, volume, and health! The shedding began to be non-existent.

Tip: Pick one you like, or try different things, gradually that is. Crochet Braids, wigs, box braids, loose buns, whatever it is, make sure you are not manipulating your hair so much. Tuck those ends away. If your hair is raining down on your clothes at every touch, then it needs a break. This helped my growth journey tremendously!

Mega Tip: While your hair is protected, YOU MUST STILL MOISTURIZE! Maintaining the hair underneath was something that I forgot to do when I used to be protected. I would think, "Weave, Check. Growth in 3 months on take down, Check!" Only to see my hair do the fall out dance. Why? I didn't moisturize while my hair was put away. The years of weave wearing wasted! Make sure you moisturize the hair that is being protected. This is one of the keys to growth!

Moisturizing Tip: Twice a day, I would Spray the Multi Use Conditioner directly in between my cornrows, moisturizing the scalp. Then I would massage (rub on some busy days) the Conditioner into my scalp. I did this in the morning and at night!

Step 4: Let Go & Trim the Ends!

Having a consistent regimen and vitamin packed products helped me attain healthy hair doing the bare minimum!
10 Months after Deep Conditioning, Crochet Braids, and Mositurizing Daily.

This part was emotional for me! I had short hair all my life, so cutting off was a no no....until I wanted to see some growth. Hair is like a plant. You have to cut off the dead leaves, which transfers the energy from the dead leaves to the ones that live! I liked to trim little by little at first. When I saw how fast the hair grew back, I let go of the fear of length, realizing that with Healthy Hair comes first. What's the point of having long hair if it's not full? I wanted the best of both worlds! Trimming the ends regularly got me there. I trimmed every 6 weeks because of the damage. When I got healthy, I slowed down to "as needed".

Tip: Trimming the ends is also trimming off damage. It triggers more growth! Let it go. It's worth it!

Step 5: Repeat!

Having a consistent regimen and vitamin packed products helped me attain healthy hair doing the bare minimum!
3 years later! Healthy, Thick, with zero Breakage! Vitamin Packed Products and Consistensy keep me Growing!

Having a consistent regimen and nutrient packed products helped me repair my damaged hair with no experience! You can get results by doing the bare minimum.


Step 1: Deep Condition

Step 2: Moisturize

Step 3: Protective Style

Step 4: Trim Ends

Step 5: Be Consistent

Mega Tip: Start Where You Are

Self Love is real, and I learned alot about it going natural. Love where you are right now! DO NOT compare you hair journey with anyone else's. That Natural Hair Guru you love so much, yeah...that's HER hair. Learn to pay attention and listen to what your own hair is telling you. Which brings me to my next point. Unless your hair can't live without a certain product, if it has chemicals in it, trash it. If it's absorbing into the scalp, it's absorbing into the body, which may be stunting any growth you want to see. Look into some truly healthy products. Treat the hair like the body; "You are what you eat!"

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