Dry Ends: My Shampoo Trick!

Manage dry ends using Juci Roots Tips & Tricks!
Quick Tip: Wooden combs and brushes cause less friction, and less frizz. Great to use on your ends!

Why are my ends so dry?

You've trimmed, you've switched to all natural hair products, but your ends are STILL dry! What is going on?! After all that hard work, those ends refuse to absorb moisture, and you just got that trim.

Here is something you might not have considered: it may be the shampoo! Yes, even if it's natural or organic.

SHampoo in hand
Shampoo is our friend...and foe!

What's up with the Shampoo?

It may be drying out those ends when you are washing your hair, especially if you shampoo from your roots to your ends. Even if the shampoo is Sulfate Free, it could still be stripping the little moisture your ends might have gained. Drying out hair that is already dried is the formula for breakage, thinning, and shedding.

The Shampoo Trick to Save your ends!

This simple Trick saved my ends, and helped me to retain length, and keep my ends as soft as the rest of my hair.

Here's what to do:

1) Use Conditioner First.

Soak your hair in water. Let the shower run through it, then apply your Conditioner from your scalp to your ends. Massage in, start detangling, whatever your hair needs.

2) Shampoo ONLY your SCALP!

Your strands and ends need moisture, but the scalp should be cleansed of debris, bacteria, and build up. Cleaning the pores of the scalp is beneficial to hair growth. Shampoo the scalp thoroughly, but don't shampoo your strands or ends!

3) Rinse it out.

Shampoo is powerful enough to clean the strands and ends while being rinsed out. As the shampoo travels down the hair follicle, it is taking the gunk with it. The conditioner acts as a protective barrier, keeping the moisture, but giving away the dirt.

Try the Shampoo Trick!

Now that your ends are clean, and retained the moisture they need, they are soft, moist, and will last so much longer between trims.

This simple swap of routine will help you maintain the health, and length of your hair. If your ends are prone to dryness, on wash day, condition first, shampoo the scalp, then rinse and be fabulous!

Protect your ends!

As the oldest part of your hair, your ends are fragile, and need to be cared for, like our elders! Use a good leave in conditioner to keep those ends hydrated and smooth. Protecting your ends will help you see the growth faster! Your hair definitely grows, but if the ends are constantly breaking off, you will never be able to tell!

Leave a comment below, and let me know if it works for you!

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