• Light & Creamy Raw Butter is Vegan and full of nutrients. It was designed to glide over dry skin and absorb completely, leaving it soft, and shiny.

    8oz Light & Creamy Raw Butter

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      • Light Body Butter
      • Anti Aging Cream
      • No Greasy Residue
      • Help heal a rash
      • A face moisturizer
      • A flexible hair butter
      • Relieve dandruff & itchy scalp
      • Relax a tight, sore muscle
      • Reduce wrinkles
      • An organic, natural, healthy option for skin

      Delicate enough to use on the face, neck, and body without leaving a greasy film.

      The Spearmint will help with dandruff and relax a sore muscle. Butters will absorb into the hair, scalp, and skin.


      Light & Creamy was meant to make your skin soft and silky. Massaging with this butter to beneficial to help relax sore muscles, and make your skin feel soft and creamy. Best used for:

      • Face Primer
      • Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream
      • Sore Muscles
      • Skin Rash
      • Body Butter
      • Lotion


      Light & Creamy Raw Butter can help soothe the scalp without clogging up the pores. Apply pea size amounts at a time. Best used for:

      • Dandruff
      • Scalp Rashes
      • Scalp Sores
      • Scalp Itch


      Light and Creamy Raw Butter can be used to soften dry hair follicles. For Curly Hair, spray with water, then apply in dime size amounts. Best used for:

      • Dry Hair
      • Frizzy Hair
      • Dull Hair
      • Setting Lotion


      Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jamaican Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Spearmint OilClick Light & Creamy Raw Butter for more information.



      Raw Butters need to be stored properly for best results. Store at room temperature or 75˚ F. If Raw Butters feel grainy, melt it down until the grains dissolve, then resolidfy in the freezer for one hour. Butter will be smooth again.