Bring on the moisture! This bundle is best for those who are dry, and ready to hydrate.

Enjoy potent nutrients that will seep in slowly and completely, offering a soothing effect on the Hair, Scalp and Skin. Great for Treatments.

.The Multi Use Conditioner +Thick & Healing Raw Butter Bundle!
This duo is great for All Hair Types.


Multi Use Conditioner + 8oz Thick & Healing Raw Butter Bundle

$89.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price
  • Moisturize the hair & face using this team! Why Use Juci Roots Multi Use Conditioner

    Revive fried hair
    Moisturize dry hair
    Tangle Easily
    Have ANY type of hair damage
    Define Curls
    Pop Wavey Hair
    Easy to use
    For All Hair Types
    All-in-One products
    Natural, Organic, and full of nutrients
    A Chemical free hair product

    The Multi Use Conditioner was designed to be a sprayable nutrient that can help restore your hair to it's Prime.

    We aim to help to reduce thinning and shedding, promote hair growth, revive dyed and fried hair, and make frizzy hair soft and easy to detangle.


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