Raw Butters

for Skin or Hair

Miracle Moisture in Minutes

Our Raw Butters are intense moisturizers that absorb completely into the Skin and Hair follicles, leaving you soft and residue free.

Powerful enough to Soothe an irritated scalp and skin,

Gentle enough to moisturize a newborn with cradle cap.

The combination of nutrients and vitamins promote healing from the inside out without clogging the pores.

These butters are concentrated and spread very far.

A little goes a long way!

Light & Creamy

Light enough for an oily face, potent enough for a dry one. Vitamin E rich to smooth wrinkles and even out skin tones. A lotion that lasts ALL DAY LONG.

Smooth out fluffy ends that needs a trim, tame the frizz, fight dandruff and dry scalp with just a pea size!

Thick & Healing

Great for the elbows, knees, & toes.

Use for anything very dry, irritated, & itchy.

Can help with stretch marks, scars, burns, and bug bites.

Infant safe.

The perfect match for Curly and Kinky Hair.

Seal in moisture, slick a style, and cream a curl!