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What's on you, goes in! So, 

Holding Hands

Our Story

Our Handmade Products were formulated by a Husband for his Wife to help her love herself, and feel confident in her Natural Beauty.

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Plant Based
Perservatives Free

All Natural Bath & Body

Tough stuff Body Butter

Tough Stuff Butter

For elbows, knees, and toes. Use on anything stubbornly dry and cracking. Great for scars, burns, eczema, psoriasis, skin, and scalp inflammation.

Hair Food Conditioner

Hair Food

The ultimate healthy hair solution. Encourage hair growth, strength, thicker hair, and softness. For Hair damage, hair breakage, hair thinning, shedding, alopecia, and bald spots. 

Fountain of Youth Body Butter

Fountain of Youth

Full of natural vitamin E. Light weight and fast absorbing. Use on wrinkles, sun spots, under make up as a toner or moisturizer, and on a dry scalp. Use from head to toe.

Silky Glow Body Butter

Lavender Goodness

Silky, soft, glowing skin that lasts all day. Leaves a smooth, shiny finish, and smells heavenly. Use on dry skin that needs hydration.


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Multi Use Conditioner Review


II bought the spray because I was suffering major hair loss, and its' worked wonders for me! I swear by it! Sooo happy I found you!

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Light & Creamy Butter  Review


Not heavy yet ultra moisturizing, scent doesn't linger once absorbed in skin. I started using it on my super dry hands, then felt daring to try it on my oily changer! Less fine lines and supple skin! 

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Thick & Healing Butter Review


For Eczema, we have seen such an improvement!  It's calmed the itch and has helped with the redness. Thank you.

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